We are all about transparency..
There are things you can do to get the best experience with us and we would like to share them with you.

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• For a hair up pls wash your hair the day before and arrive with it clean and dry. This means we can set and prep your hair easily so you get the best out of your style. The same is true for our express hair up and dry styling.

• For a cut and blow-dry you will have 1 hour with your stylist. Colour times will vary depending. If you feel like you require quite a chat or are unsure about anything, we offer free consultations. This is 10- 15mins to have a one on one chat with your stylist/ colourist so you can go over your ideas, concerns and feel assured that we are the right salon for you. We love pictures, hairdressers are very visual people so images rather than nouns are a great tool. If your looking for ideas may we suggest Pinterest. Images of things you like help insure were all on the same page and spark a thorough discussion about suitability to hair texture, face shape and skin tone. That way when its time for your service we can get straight into it with both parties feeling happy and relaxed about the direction chosen.

• If you looking to go from dark to light we really do need to see you first. Colour correction is a science unto itself and so discussing your expectations VS whats actually possible with your hair is a conversation worth having. We may also want to do a strand test where we cut a small amount of you length to apply lightener and see what results can be expected.

• If you are having a colour service we ask you don’t wash your hair at least 24hrs prior to your appointment. This means that your scalp will have a layer of protection known as the acid mantel so any occurrences of irritation are greatly reduced.
Do not worry about sweaty hair from the gym or product in your hair.We have seen it all and we can deal with it all and your comfort is the most important thing.

• Regarding irritation… if you have ever experienced a reaction – From annoying itching to full blown allergy … we want to know about it. We can perform a 48hr patch test to see what you may experience with your colour service. This will give us a good idea of the safety of doing a colour on you going forward. We do have ammonia free products and we can also suggest colouring techniques that do not touch the scalp should you have concerns, as many women do during pregnancy.

• There are many things that can factor into an intolerance or resistance to hair colour. These include hormonal changes, Chlorine build up or hard water, Medication especially blood thinners and antidepressants, Silicon build up from supermarket products, Henna in the hair or on skin in the form of henna tattoo. If any of these things may be applicable to you its very important to let us know prior and we can arrange a patch test or strand test so we both know what we are dealing with.

• Last up – Know the products you are currently using- or take a pic with your phone. This way when we discuss how to style your hair or how to care for the colour and condition at home we can see if what you already have is appropriate. We hate waste so if you already have the right stuff – awesome. If you don’t we know what to recommend so you can keep up your KiILLER HAIR.